Thursday, August 14, 2008

Popcorn Chant

What this is for: This box goes with a chart song that I learned from Donna Whyte( ). Chant to the tune Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me. The song lyrics are "Popcorn please pop for me! Popcorn please pop for me! Popcorn please pop for me! POP! POP! POPCORN! After the students are familiar with the words you can then substitute different consonants for all the "pops" in the song. For example if I chose the consonant "T" I would sing "Topcorn please top for me! (X3) TOP! TOP! TOPCORN! This is a fun phonics activity.

How I made this:I got this popcorn box at a fair and cut out paper popcorn shapes and wrote all the consonants on the shapes. The child then choose a piece of popcorn and the letter on the popcorn is the sound substitution. To make this activity independent I added a clothespin and a chart with the words to the song but I left all the substitution sound spots blank. The clothespin is to clip onto a paper popcorn piece making it a pointer. (Try saying that 5 times fast!) The child picks a letter and uses the pointer to modify the song.
Tip: I wrote the song on a rectangular sheet of foam which I hope will last longer than a laminated paper chart and be easier to store.
"o" in popcorn. For example, for the vowel "a" Papcorn please pap for me! x3 PAP! PAP! PAPCORN!