Saturday, March 20, 2010

Q and U's Wedding

A wedding between letters Q and U helps reinforce these two and partners in words. It is a fun celebration with a literacy twist. Here are some ways we celebrate in my class.
The big Q and U are all dressed up and ready. Q's wedding veil is made of tulle that I found at thrift store.

I copied picture cards of words that start with /qu/ like: question mark, queen, quail, quilt and quarter. The gift boxes are CD gift boxes. I put enough pictures in each box so that each child could have a copy. As the gifts were opened, each child received one that he/she later glued to a Just Married paper, shown in the picture.
The girls made veils with sentence strips and real tulle. A little tulle goes a long way!(I learned the hard way that the veils should only be shoulder length, or they will get stepped on.) The boys made bow ties with tissue paper and clipped them onto their shirts with clothes pins. We had a real ring pillow and used plastic champagne glasses for the reception of milk and cookies.