Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ocean arts and crafts

This octopus/squid is made from 3 cardboard tubes glued together and then painted the desired color. I added the large wiggle eyes using a hot glue gun to ensure they eyes stayed glued. The students cut 8 tentacles out of recycled packing material, however, paper, laminating film scraps, yarn or ribbon could be used. I also glued the tentacles on using a hot glue gun. I hang these on bulletin boards using thumb tacks, giving a 3-D effect.

The hand print crab is another fun ocean craft. While the students are working on something else, I call them one at a time to the art table. The students choose the color they want and I paint both their hands and place them, finger spread apart and facing out, thumbs up, on the paper. When the paint is dry the students add eyes, claws and other ocean scenery. I like how they reflect student's individuality.

The jelly fish begins as a black line master that students dot or sponge paint. I used laminating film scraps as the tentacles and allow students to tape their own tentacle onto the body of the jellyfish. We hung these from the ceiling clips.

The ocean display bulletin board showcases much of our work. The star fish and snorkel masks came from black line masters that the children colored. The eye mask of the snorkel shows the ocean animals the child would most like to see and was part of a journal activity.