Sunday, November 28, 2010

feely boxes

I use feely boxes for science and math activities. I got this idea from Terri, a fabulous Kindergarten teacher who made her version of a feely box when she was in college. After closely examining her design I am sharing it with you. First you need a cylindrical shaped cardboard or plastic container. It should be large enough to accommodate a hand and the objects you want your students to feel. I like the size of oatmeal containers.
Reinforce and decorate the container with contact paper.

Find a fun, stretchy sock and cut off the toe. I used a pinking sheers to prevent unraveling.

Finally, hot glue (or use E6000 glue available at fabric and craft stores) to attach the sock around the lip of the container. (Terri stapled her sock on but I couldn't figure out how to make that work.) The students put their hand in the sock to feel the objects inside. I made several so that I can use them with pairs of students. Simple, elegant and earth friendly.