Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Bags

Book Bags: The first independent activity that I work on with my students beginning the first day of school, is how to read independently. I make sure each child has a book bag with at least 3 books inside. I label each bag with the child's name. I have tried using plastic bags both of the Ziploc variety and plastic bags I made out of the ends of laminating film. I find that cloth bags are sturdier, last longer and are much quieter than plastic bags. (Imagine 20 children crinkling plastic bags at the same time.) I also can reuse them from year to year. The name tags are those clear plastic holders the we often get at conventions and I slid a fun name tag inside the holder without removing the backing so it won't stick to the inside of the plastic case. I have a set of cubbies that are designated for the students "keep at school" work so they are stored easily. Some teachers prefer to use magazine type boxes for this purpose.
I rotate the books during my guided reading group time so that I know they always have new books to read that they are familiar with. I usually rotate every 3rd reading group.