Monday, September 15, 2008

Tissue, Tissue Where are you

Do you need a way to help students learn to keep their germs to themselves? I saw this in a classroom I visited and now I use this every year. I teach the children this poem.

Tissue, Tissue, where are you?
I can feel a sneeze is coming through!
I cover my mouth and I cover my nose,
Look out everybody!
Here it goes!

To make the faces, use paper plates for children to draw their faces, making sure they include a mouth and nose. Then have them glue the tissue over the mouth and nose. You can also have them trace and cut out their hands using construction paper to "hold" the tissue.

I use this lesson to teach them to use their elbow to cover their coughs and sneezes is a tissue isn't handy. I also show them how germs are spread by filling a balloon with those small paper circles that end up in your how puncher. The circles are the germs. I blow up the balloon, pretend to cough or sneeze and let the air out of the balloon. It is amazing how far those "germs" will fly. The kids go crazy for a minute but they never forget the lesson!