Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snowmen from recycled materials

Recycled materials are a great way to save money and the environment. It is personally one of my life's missions to reduce waste whenever possible so I love this snowman project. It all begins with toilet paper tubes. I chose to glue 2 together but this can be done with a single tube. The students painted their tubes white.
When the tubes dried we decorated the snowmen with all sorts of odds and ends left over from previous projects. I save these in a container labeled "bits and pieces" so these kinds of things are always on hand. I also find it handy to cut any left over pieces of construction paper into 4 squares. I keep the squares on hand for all the projects that require multiple squares of paper or to use with a die cut machine.

I took twigs from my back yard to use are snowman arms. I had to hot glue those on for the kids but the end product is fun and stand on it's own.