Saturday, April 18, 2009

April showers bring May flowers

This is a simple and delightful April and May craft project. You will need paper plates, construction paper and brad fasteners. First, get enough paper plates for each person in your class. On the top of the plate write "bring May flowers" and at the bottom of the plate write "April showers"
Next you will need to create umbrellas. I drew a black line master of the umbrella and the handle and copied them on different colored construction paper. I cut the 2 pieces apart so that I had a stack of umbrella tops and a stack of handles. I instructed the students to chose a top and handle but make sure they were different colors. Then I had them assemble the umbrellas and fasten them to the plates with the brad fasteners.
I made sure the umbrella was placed so that the words "April showers" were visible. Then I had the students draw raindrops under the umbrella.

Then we flipped the umbrella over and it became a basket and the students drew flowers inside the basket.

The kids think it's magic!