Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earth Day Project

This is a fun craft activity that includes a bit of science. Each student will need a coffee filter. I like to label each filter ahead of time with the student's name written in permanent marker. Create a solution of water and blue food coloring. Only a small amount of water is needed. Have each student use eye droppers to drop the blue solution onto the coffee filter until is is completely blue. Make sure to have something under the coffee filter because the food coloring will bleed through. When the filters dry, prepare another solution with green food coloring. This time fold the coffee filters into fourths and dip each corner into the green solution. Open the filters and allow them to dry. I like to mount them on black paper and have the student add a few gold stars. We also write a way to help the earth and mount that to the paper too.


Spring is a great time to learn about worms! Try this simple worm project. Give each student a cardboard tube, no need to paint them, they are already brown. Have the students draw body segments on the tube. I also like to add eyes, even thought real worms don't have eyes. We then talk about how worms "process" soil by taking it in one end and letting it out the other. Worms are so helpful!


During our seed unit I like to have my students observe the entire growth process of bean seeds. I buy a bag of beans from the grocery store and soak several overnight. When they begin to sprout we start by taking one bean apart and noticing all the parts of the seed. Next we create clear view planters by using clear plastic cups and paper towel. We get the paper towels wet and spread them around the inside of the cup. Then each student places a few seeds between the towel and the cup. To help keep the seeds moist we place a sandwich baggie over the cup.I usually have the student plant about 4 seeds, halfway down the cup.
Each student can watch their seed grow roots and sprout! We usually plant ours in soil after most of the seeds have sprouted.

Making snack time easy!

One of my favorite teaching tools is this cupcake holder. I found silicone baking cups as a reusable snack container and purchased one for each student. I load the cups with snacks and fasten the lid onto the container. The lid seals so the snack won't get stale, and keep out any undesirables. Before snack time I bring this container out and each student picks up his/her snack. It has shaved at least 10 minutes off snack preparation time.

Spring Flowers

Try this fun and easy spring craft project and see how it will brighten up your room! First take a piece of green construction paper and fold it in half horizontally. Next cut slits down 3/4th of the paper, about an inch wide.

Cut out flowers and paste them to the tops (fold side up) of each section. These tracers are made out of cardboard from recycled cereal boxes. They are very sturdy and have lasted for 4 years.
Curve the ends of the paper together making a cylinder and staple the ends together. Add a ribbon for embellishment.

We made ours on May Day and put them inside clean yogurt containers. The students were instructed to surprise their parents by putting the containers in the fridge or somewhere else their parents would find them. When opened, the opener find a bouquet of flowers!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flower shop With 2010 Updates

Here are the 2010 updates.

Try this fun and easy spring time dramatic play center. Create a classroom flower shop. The main ingredients are a variety of silk flowers that are usually very easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales.I like to offer the students different sizes of containers to hold their floral designs. I found some pretty iron window box type containers that add a nice touch to the area. Because kids love to dress up, I included some plastic fiber hats (so there is no lice worry) an some baskets an hand bags. I included a phone for taking orders and a camera.

I also added a cash register and old computer key board and mouse for taking order. I also put in some fancy colored pens and paper to encourage writing.

This area really adds a festive air to our classroom!