Sunday, November 22, 2009

October Quilt

The September quilt alternates an autumn reflection art project with the gray squirrel project.To make the autumn reflection you need white construction paper, paint and brushes.
First help the students fold their paper in half. They will use the fold several times to make this project. Next each student paints a blue line along the top of the fold, then folds the paper to print the blue line on the other half. This is the lake. Next the each student paints 3 trees with branches on top the the lake and then folds the paper in half again. Last each student paints the colorful leaves on the tree tops, then folds the paper. When the paper is opened the picture is completed! This is a great introduction to symmetry.
Complete directions for the gray squirrel project and the corresponding song can be found under "reading ideas". I used cardboard tubes for painted gray for the bodies of these squirrels.