Saturday, December 5, 2009

Puppet Theatre

This Dramatic play center help students with their communication skills. The puppet theatre give student the opportunity to act out familiar stories and create their own!
I used a shoe rack as a puppet stand and organizer. This puppet theatre is made from a large box cut to this shape and covered with contact paper.

For an extra touch, chairs for an audience can be added.

Sand Paper Gingerbread Kids

This idea was given to me by Karen Marolt and I love it! Children trace and cut gingerbread boys or girls out of sand paper.
They paint or glue on features, then they rub a cinnamon stick against the sandpaper! They smell great!

I displayed them on a mini Christmas tree for a fun, good smelling decoration!

Twister words

I love to recycle! Especially when it gives me a new way to help my students learn. This game was super easy! I took an abandoned twister game and wrote a different sight word on each circle. I added an interesting, quiet and easy to toss ball (and one that won't roll all over the place). The object is for the student to toss the ball to a word and read the word. I store this game in a tub with a white board and marker so that the student can also write the word. Excellent practice!