Sunday, February 28, 2010

I will follow Jesus

This activity helps illustrate the theme of discipleship. I use it during Lent. Each student creates footprint stamps by making a fist and using the pinky side of the fist to stamp the foot and a finger to stamp the toes.
The footprint lead to a cross picture but this activity can be modified to fit any bible story.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

George Washington Portrait

In honor of President's Day we talk about the different presidents especially noting the observable differences between our 1st president and our current president. We talk about portraits and photographs and illustrate our learning by creating a portrait of George Washington. Each student traces and cuts out a circle on a white piece of paper and glues it to a base piece of construction paper. A face is then added to the circle.
A collar is created with half paper doily.

Then we add a powdered wig by using cotton balls or quilt batting. I make sure to tell the children to glue the construction paper and not the cotton.


This is a fun idea for a Valentine card for Moms and Dads. First create a boarder on a sheet of construction paper with a pattern xoxo (hugs and kisses.) Then create a lips stamp by filling a ziplock bag part way with water. Dip the bottom in paint and stamp onto the paper. The seem on the bag will create the defining line on the lips.

Friday, February 5, 2010

February Quilt

The hand print quilt project for February is a heart shape using both hands to create the print.
Below the heart we included a heart themed poem.
Another project is a modification of the heart person. We used 2 cardboard tubes that I previously glued together. Each student cut out 2 hearts and glued one to the front of the tubes and one to the back of the tubes. We folded 4 strips of paper accordion style and attached them to the tubes as arms and legs.

We decorated one side with a whimsical face and added stickers for hands and feet.

Because they are 3 dimensional they stand on their own and make a fun addition to our quilt.