Friday, January 7, 2011

Zero the Hero egg carton game

Try this fun and easy to make game next any time Zero the Hero visits! All you need are egg cartons (1 per student and enough to cut one egg cup per student), markers and cards.
Each student receives and egg carton and writes a unit of 10 on each cup. A sticker can be stuck on the extra cups to mark the beginning and ending spots of the game. Each child also receives 1 separate egg cup to decorate like Zero the Hero. (I glued water bottle caps to the tops of mine for easy grabbing.) Then each child makes a set of cards with the units of 10 written on each card. We used Shari Sloane's Zero the Hero cards .
To play each child needs to mix up the cards and place them face down. Then the top card is drawn and Zero the Hero is placed on the matching unit cup. This process continues until all the cards are drawn. When there are no cards left the student wins!