Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wacky Painting Day

Wacky painting is a great way to incorporate non-traditional painting methods, color mixing and fun!  This works well as a reward activity or a special event for the end of the school year when you want to use up all your open bottles of paint.  I created stations for 4-5 students.  In the middle of the appropriate station, requiring Tempera paint, I placed 2 paper plates, 1 for each of the primary colors, red, yellow and blue (but any colors will work).  Before the kids to begin they had to put on a paint shirt, then they received 5 pieces of paper, 1 for each station, and wrote their names on each piece.  The papers were left on the child's carpet spot for easy access.  I allowed 5-8 minutes per station.  Each time we rotated a station the kids put the wet paper in the hallway to dry (this takes a lot of drying space, be sure you have it!) and took a clean piece of paper to use at the new station.  The next day each child found his/her works of art to brought them home.  This is a great activity to do before you clean your tables for the summer.  It also makes the shaving cream, table cleaning activity really fun because the shaving cream turns colors!
Watercolor painting

Kitchen utensils (especially mashers!)

Sponge rollers.

Mini car wheels.

oil crayons