Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Apple Market and Bakery

This year I gave up my housekeeping set for a bunch of different reasons.  I am, however, a firm believer in the importance of play in Kindergarten, particularly dramatic play.  I rotate my dramatic play area monthly and I wanted to try something new for September.  I came up with The apple market and bakery to coincide with my usual apple unit that takes place during September.
The following are pictures and tips for creating and maintaining this area.

I used recycled plastic jars and bottles and made labels for them that say "apple sauce"," apple pie filling" and "apple cider".  I didn't want a whole bunch of "stuff" in the area to distract from the actual play.  I re purposed a plant flat as an apple sorting  station and put pictures out that show the price and where thing should go at clean up.

This is the bakery portion.  I have very few items, again to encourage imagination, sharing and easy clean up.  I included containers labeled for sugar  and flour, an empty egg carton, vanilla bottle and cook book I made with picture recipes.
There is 1 large bowl, 1 large spoon, and a few measuring utensils and pots and pans.  The sink/stove is originally from IKEA but I got it from a neighbor who was giving it away.

I used google images to create a simple cook book with picture steps to make apple pie and apple cookies.

This "orchard" consists of 3 trees and a variety of different colored, laminated paper apples attached to clothes pins.
I think there are about 9 of each color.  They are attached to the low branches for easy picking.

Apple close up.

Originally I tried to hot glue the apples to the clothes pins, but soon discovered that they just fall right off so I ended up using masking tape to secure them.