Thursday, January 22, 2009

Letter Eaters

Sometimes it just takes a new twist on a familiar idea to re motivate students. This is an idea to get students working independently on letter recognition and word building and it is totally free and easy to make out of recycled materials.First I took yogurt containers and measured around the top and bottom with a measuring tape. I drew an outline of the measurements on a 11 x 14 piece of paper. I wrote several high frequency words on the outline and cut it out and attached it around the yogurt container.After collecting all kinds of plastic bottle caps and washing them, I wrote alphabet letters on them with marker. I made sure to include a full set of letter in each letter eater and added an extra e and o. I decorated the lid with mini paper plates and cut a portion out to look like a mouth.
Student are then invited build words and feed them to the letter eater. The can also feed the letter eater individual letter. When the letter eater is full, it can throw the letter up for an extra added thrill.