Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top 10 things to do with plastic containers

This innocent looking container holds a wealth of possibilities! Here are my top 11 favorite Kindergarten classroom uses for this free resource.
1.Transport container for fragile projects. (Keeps them nice and protected inside a backpack)
2.Holder of small manipulatives. (Especially if you want to give each child a specific number of manipulatives quickly, they make clean up a snap too!)
3. Container for games. (I like to use them for games that are sent home.)
4. Planters, plant containers. (We decorate them and add a plant for a nice mother's day gift.)
5.Building blocks. (Put the lids on and put a bunch in the block center.)
6.Matching game. (Have students match lids to containers. Only the specific brand's lid will fit it's matching container.)
7.Scissor caddy. (Cut some squares in the lid and add the scissors.)
8.Crayon and pencil box.
9.Letter Eater. (See reading ideas.)
10.No mess glitter station. (Put the item to be "glittered" inside, shake the glitter over it, and all excess glitter is caught in the container.)
11. Snow play!  Bring a selection of colored containers (avoid white or clear containers because they are easily lost in the snow and left behind) outside for recess fun of building snow castles, making snow dishes and carting snow from here to there.
Only have the lids? No problem. Here are some "lids only" ideas.
1. Snack plates.
2. Paint palettes. (The lip around the lid prevents paint spilling. This works well for glue too.)
3.Circle tracers. (Collect a variety of sizes and you have a nice snowman center)
4. Write a sight word in the center of the lid, add a magnet and create a word wall on your chalk board.
5. Number line. The same process as a word wall but with number instead.
Wash the containers before using.
Make sure they are completely dry and put the lid on the container.
I like to collect a class supply in a bag. Then when I need them I bring them into school and passing them out is really easy.