Saturday, September 12, 2009

Millions of Cats

I love matching literature with phonemic awareness and art projects! I was given this idea from Sister Marybeth Schraml (an amazing teacher!)
When I introduce the letter Cc, I read the book Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag. We then create our own cats. I prepare a number of tracers for the body of the cat (shaped like the letter Cc) and the cat's head. The students then trace and cut the 2 pieces using wall paper. (Or any other kind of fancy paper you have available.)
The students can arrange the body and head cut outs in a variety of poses. This adds an element of choice to this project and gives each child a chance for self expression. The students then glue the pieces onto a background paper as desired. I like to use black because it really emphasizes the pattern on the wall paper. Then a face is added. I like to use this opportunity to talk about details in drawing, like whiskers and eyebrows etc.

Here are 2 examples of different poses.

The finished product is delightful and winsome. The children like to see what pose others have chosen.