Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Basket

I think this is my favorite hand print project of the year!

This is a double hand print in brown, thumbs pointing up. Hands should be placed so that the fingers are intertwined. Use the finger paint technique to connect the handle of the basket with brown paint.

Students then finger print paint the flowers into the basket.

Happy May Day!

Making rain

This is a great activity to try during a weather unit. You need 2 liter soda bottles (or another type of plastic bottle). Cut the bottle in half. Put about and inch of warm water in the bottom of the bottle. It helps to color it blue (for the ocean). Invert the top half into the bottom half (with the cap on). Fill the top with ice. After a few minutes clouds will form and droplets of "rain" will form on the inverted top. It's raining!